Neutricks Soft Chews For Senior Dogs

Neutricks Soft Chews For Senior Dogs

Your dog's health is important. While dogs are great companions, they are not immune to the myriad of diseases that come with old age. Most pet owners tend to ignore these symptoms, which often leads to costly vet appointments and to lower survival rates.

To extend your dog's lifespan, you'll have to be proactive in taking care of it. By doing so, you help them age naturally and efficiently. Make sure you check with your vet beforehand to see what issues you senior dog may have.

Old Dog Dressed as Vet

In this article, we'll review the Neutricks Soft Chews for Senior Dogs. It's a premium supplement that reverses aging, prevents dementia and improves mental health. If you want to help your dog's cognitive function, this product might be the best choice for you.

By the end of this article, you'll have the confidence to pick the right supplement to improve your senior dog's life span. We'll also use consumer opinions to analyze certain aspects that we might have forgotten.

Neutricks Soft Chews For Senior Dogs

The Neutricks Soft Chews for Senior Dogs is a high-quality supplement that aids in the treatment of CDS (Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome). This means that the product works in increasing the amount of brain cells found in your dog's cranium. It's a great supplement if you need something to improve your dog's mental awareness.

Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome in Dogs

Neutricks is a company whose primary goal is to create high-quality food for pet care. It stands out from the other competition by using 100% nature made minerals to ensure proper growth. The company is reliable, and its products are proven to nurse your elderly dog back to good health.


  • Calcium Building Protein (CaBP)
  • Prevents Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome
  • ​Consists of Apoaequorin
  • Protects Brain Cells
  • Reduces Aging

This senior dog supplement is designed with the purpose to prevent cognitive and mental diseases. As dog's age, they tend to lose their memory, sight, and concentration. This happens because the brain receives a lower amount of calcium building proteins to help your dog grow.

Mainly, this product reverses this issue by providing Apoaequorin. Apoaequorin is a natural protein found in jellyfish that improves the brain's function. With each serving, this natural ingredient works to keep your dog's mind fresh and safe from further cell damage.

Results Gained

The main effect you'll notice is an improvement in your dog's overall mental abilities. For instance, the product protects brain cells before and after ischemia. Ischemia occurs when there is little to no blood pumping to your brain and heart.

Most dogs at age 7 start to lose the mental strengths they had when they were younger pups. At this age, they are more likely to become victims of ischemia. This is a dangerous disease because it reduces your dog's overall brain function and could damage their heart.

Ischemia in Dogs

By using this supplement, it protects your brain cells from ischemia by up to 50%. This increases the chance of your dog fighting off the disease and increases their lifespan. The protein Apoaequorin saves your pet from memory loss, keeping them sharp and intelligent.

What Others Say?

The first thing consumers notice is a change in their pet's overall cognitive function. Pet owners saw a reduction in their pet's anxiety, mood swings, and confusion after a few weeks of usage. Get this product if you want something to keep your pet's mental awareness in good shape.

Another advantage lies in the supplement's reliability. This is because the supplement is clinically proven to keep your dog in good mental condition. Thus, making is a powerful supplement for those wanting to help their dog's cognitive behavior.


Our Rating

However, there is one flaw associated with this product. Some consumers complained that there are no benefits when using this supplement. They would use the supplement for weeks only to notice no change in their dog's mental condition.

Check with your vet before using this supplement to make sure that it accurately fits your dog's needs. While this product does work, not every dog will receive the same benefit. Having a vet by your side helps when making the decision whether or not to buy this product.

Still, it's a supplement worth buying. The apoaequorin works to keep your dog's mind fresh and stable. Within a few weeks, you'll notice a positive change in your dog's mental and general health. We recommend this product for those who have senior dogs that are battling cognitive issues.

Buying Advice

Heres some buying Advice:

Use The Veterinarian For Support

Most pet owners overlook the benefits of a qualified vet. This leads them into ignoring their dog's health problems which may result in a shorter lifespan for their pet. You'll want to check with your vet to diagnose what issues may occur as your senior dog ages.

Understand Your Dog's Needs

As your dog ages, certain symptoms start to show. Is your dog unable to run, play or is acting differently? Keep these questions in mind before buying a supplement to aid them. This helps you by purchasing the right supplement for their needs and saving money.

Taking The Recommended Dosage

Another thing to consider when buying this product is supplement is the dosage. We suggest using one chew if your dog is under 40lbs. However, larger dogs can use up to 2-3 chews within their daily diet. Doing this allows you to achieve the maximum effectiveness when feeding your dog.


To conclude, we believe that the Neutricks Soft Chews for Senior Dogs is a great supplement for older dogs. It consists of natural proteins (Apoaequorin) that help your dog's brain get back to its natural function. Overall, it's useful if you want to improve your dog's mental state effectively.

Like humans, dog's age over time. And just like people, they need the right amount of vitamins to keep their body and mind functioning correctly. That is why we recommend the Neutricks Soft Chews because it aids in keeping your dog healthy in a safe and natural manner.

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