Foods and Supplements to Protect Your Old Dog against Cancer

Dogs are prone to many of the same conditions and diseases as humans. One of the biggest concerns is that of cancer, especially in old dogs. The reason that there are foods and supplements to protect your old dog against cancer is that most cases occur later in life. About half of all dogs over the age of ten years will develop some form of the disease.

Although the most common type of cancer in dogs is lymphoma, they can also get other types of cancer as well. Even dogs with a full coat of fur can develop skin cancer, especially in those areas where there is little or no hair.

Although all breeds of dogs are at risk of getting cancer when they age, some cases are due to hereditary factors. This puts dogs in some breeds at a higher risk. Those that are most vulnerable include:

  • Rottweiler
  •  Bernese Mountain Dog
  •  German Shepherd
  •  Great Dane
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Bichon Frise
  •  Rottweiler

While cancer in dogs is treated with chemotherapy and radiation just as it is in humans, the cost can be more than some pet owners can afford. There is also the consideration of his age and how well he is feeling.

Prevention is always a better approach to disease care than dealing with the disease head-on. Ensure that your dog has a healthy immune system, and that may help protect it against cancer. Using food and supplements to strengthen the immune system could protect your old dog against cancer and prevent you from ever having to make this difficult decision.

One thing that experts have learned from studies about cancer over the years is the large impact that nutrition has on the disease. Getting the right nutrients will help to boost your immune system and make you stronger. It can do the same for your dog.

Check out these foods and supplements to protect your old dog against cancer and help him live a longer, healthier life.

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