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IAMS™ Premium Protection™ Mature Adult Dog Food Review

The following review of IAMS™ Premium Protection™ Mature Adult dry dog food covers the information you will need to decide if this is the right food for your mature dog.You know that there

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IAMS™ Proactive Health™ Senior Plus Large Breed Dog Food

IAMS™ Proactive Health™ Senior Plus Large Breed Dog Food Review

The following review of IAMS™ Proactive Health™ Senior Plus Large Breed dog food covers the information you will need to decide if this is the right food for your senior plus large breed

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Should I Feed My Old Dog a Grain-Free Pet Food?

The topic of grains in dog food has become a more familiar one over the past few years. Pet food commercials keep pointing out the importance of feeding dogs a food that is grain-free. The growing volume

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Senior Dog Food

Senior Dog Food Nutritional Information with Reviews and Comparisons

​There has never been such a broad choice of dog foods as there is today. The shelves in the grocery stores are stacked with a variety of flavors and formulas in every brand. There are even more to choose

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Excellent Senior Dog Food

What Qualities Make an Excellent Senior Dog Food?

A lot has been learned about how dogs age and what it takes to keep them healthy at any age. A greater awareness has led to a wide range of products that are helping dogs to live longer, more active lives.

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What You Should Know about Raw Food for Your Senior Dog

Should you switch to raw food for your senior dog?A raw food diet literally means feeding dogs raw bones, meat, fruits, and vegetables. Many dog owners are getting on-board with the trend because they

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The Best Fruits and Vegetables in Senior Dog Food

Most dog owners know that their canine pals need meat in their diets. Dogs of all ages require a high amount of protein that is primarily provided by meat. Beyond that, they also need a variety of nutrients

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Harmful Dog Food Ingredients You Should Never Feed Your Senior Dog

We hear a lot about the dangers of feeding dogs a diet that contains grains and byproducts. While the debate continues over these ingredients, there are some that are a bigger threat that many dog owners

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senior dog food recall

How to React to a Senior Dog Food Recall

You’ve found the perfect senior dog food for your aging pet. He loves the taste and he seems to be responding well to the change in diet. Suddenly, you hear the news that there has been a senior dog

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6 harmful dog food ingredients

6 Harmful Dog Food Ingredients to Never Feed Your Old Dog

Senior dog owners often have problems controlling their pet’s weight. Not only does obesity limit your senior dog’s ability to stay active; it also increases the risk of developing some health conditions.

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