Diamond Naturals Dry Food For Senior Dogs Review

Diamond Naturals Dry Food For Senior Dogs Review

Ensuring that your senior dog is properly fed is one of the most important things you can do for your pet as it gets older. As dogs get older, they lose the ability to digest difficult foods, so you will want to ensure that you purchase food which is high in fibers and other ingredients which make them easier to process.

Certain dogs will also get pickier as they get older, so you will want to ensure that the food you get for them is healthy as well as tasty. If you buy healthy food which your dog refuses to eat, it is somewhat pointless, so finding the right food for senior dogs is simply a matter of striking the right balance.

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There is also the matter of simply making your dog’s later years more enjoyable by giving them higher quality food.

Just because your dog is getting older and less energetic does not mean that it also has to be less happy. A good, healthy and tasty diet is one of the quickest and easiest ways to ensure that your dog remains happy throughout the trying time of their later years. Certain senior dog foods also contain ingredients to help your dog reinforce their joints.

As you may know, senior dogs tend to get arthritis from the ages of 8-10 so a proactive diet is a good idea if you would like to keep their joints healthy.

While there seems to be a misconception that senior dog food is far more expensive than standard dog food, this is simply untrue. You will find that you can typically get senior dog food for a similar price if you simply order in bulk.

While it is important to ensure that your dog enjoys the particular food you plan to order before purchasing in bulk, it is a far smarter and more economical way to buy your dog food.

This brings us to the matter of taste. Most senior dog foods are formulated to have a superior taste to conventional dog foods, so your pet will be more likely to eat the food. While it may seem out of character, older dogs do tend to lose their appetite, and they may one day refuse to eat food that they have been enjoying their whole lives.

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This is where the matter of taste becomes paramount, as you will want to ensure that your dog has the incentive to eat healthy senior dog food.

As you can see, finding the right senior dog food for your aging pet can be a bit more complicated of a matter than it may at first seem. You must strike the right balance between taste, healthiness and price point to find a senior dog food which works for you.

The most important thing to remember is that you must not get discouraged, as you will eventually find a dog food which works for you and your pet, it simply takes a bit of time and a bit of patience.

Great Dry Food For Senior Dogs

Here are some specifications about the Diamond Naturals Dry Food For Senior Dogs


  • Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Senior Dogs
  • Includes probiotics and fiber for easier digestion
  • Includes glucosamine and chondroitin
  • Includes several types of superfoods
  • Contains no corn, no wheat, and no soy


This dry dog food from Diamond Naturals is specifically formulated to help older dogs get the nutrition they need. From the inclusion of several types of superfoods to the high fiber composition, every part of this dog food is meant to help your dog more easily adjust to old age.

Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Senior Dogs

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This dog food is also made without corn, wheat or soy in case your dog has allergies or reacts badly to any of these foods, cutting down on the risk for dogs who are sick. If you need a high-quality dry dog food for aging dogs, this product from Diamond Naturals is one of the best you will find.


If you are looking for the best dry dog food for senior dogs, this product from Diamond Naturals is one of the best choices you can make. We were impressed by dogs’ willingness to eat this dry dog food. Even dogs who are typically opposed to eating dry food seemed to enjoy this particular formula due to a combination of good texture and excellent taste.

While taste is certainly important, it was not the only part of this product which impressed us. This dry dog food is also formulated with certain ingredients to increase the joint health of your aging dog, such as glucosamine.

When combined with additional fiber and probiotics to ease digestion, you will find that this is one of the healthier choices you can make when it comes to dry dog food for senior pets.

What Others Say

When it comes to the words of other customers, we have seen nothing but praise. What little criticism there was came from owners who said their dogs refused to eat dry food, which is a risk when attempting to wean a dog off of a can-only diet.

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Most praises were directed at the formulation of this dog food which ensures that your elderly dog will stay healthy and happy for as long as possible. This includes the addition of omega three acids and other ingredients such as superfoods.

Buying Advice

If you intend to purchase this dry dog food, you have a choice of several retailers. We would recommend going with an online retailer such as Amazon. A 35-pound bag of this dog food is currently available on Amazon for just over 35 dollars, which is a little more than a dollar per pound of food.


We hope that this review has helped you find the best dry dog food for your aging dog. Not all dogs are fans of dry food, but this food from Diamond Naturals might just change your pet’s mind with its combination of healthy ingredients and delicious taste.

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