Ciao Chow Female Dog Diapers Review

Ciao Chow Female Dog Diapers Review

Does your pet suffer from excitement or urinary incontinence? This is a common problem found in some dogs, and they don't want to suffer from it any more than you want them to. To help with the mess, you should look into Ciao Chow Female Dog Diapers.

Why should you buy them? You should buy them because the diapers are washable and reusable. These diapers are a great solution for female dogs who have accidents at home. Continue reading to see why the Ciao Chow Female Dog Diapers are a necessity in your household.

About The Ciao Chow Female Dog Diapers


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    ​Waist Size: 28 Inches
    Waist Size: 28 Inches
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    ​Washable Diapers
    Washable Diapers
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    Soft Absorbent Pads


The Ciao Chow Female Dog Diaper is not only inexpensive but also prevents your dog from accidentally peeing in your home. It's great for dogs with bladder issues, and elderly dogs who need extra assistance. You can find this diaper on Amazon at a price around $34.

One main feature about the diapers is their absorbency. For instance, it has a leak-proof barrier that prevents the urine from coming out of the diaper. You should buy this diaper if you need to keep your dog's hygiene in check.

Plus, the diaper has a soft moisture liner in its interior. The liner snaps in place and can be easily removed for washing. Because of this, you'll keep your dog comfortable while preventing unnecessary stains on the carpet.

Ciao Chow Female Dog Diapers In Different Colors

Another thing to mention is the adjustable Velcro closures. Users can easily wrap the diaper around their dog's belly and tighten the handles without too much trouble. Consumers found this diaper easy to use and found no issues in fitting it on their dog.

But there is one issue that consumers had with the diaper. Shoppers reported that it has a small tail hole which is harder for larger dogs to use. We suggest using this diaper for toy dogs and medium sized dogs to get the most out of them.

All in all, the Ciao Chow Female Dog Diaper is a dependable pair of diapers that will keep your dog clean. It has a comfortable lining, which prevents the chances of your dog getting a rash. Buy this today if you want to keep your dog clean and healthy.

Buying Advice

Heres some general buying advice:

Choosing The Right Size Dog Diaper

Just like human diapers, dog diapers come in different sizes. First, you'll need to weigh your dog and take waist measurements while it is standing.

If you have a male dog, you'll have to measure far enough so that the front of the diaper covers its genitals. Otherwise, if the dog pees, it will become useless. Attached below is a sizing chart that shows the right diaper size that relates to the size of your dog.


​Breed Example


​Waist Size


​Young puppies and toy breeds

​4-8 lbs



​Jack Russell, Maltese, Pekingese

​8-15 lbs



​Pug, Minature Poodle, Beagle, Sheltie, Cocker Spaniel

​15-35 lbs

​20” - 22”


​Collie, Bulldog, Dalmatian

​35-55 lbs

​22” - 24”


​German Shepherds

​55-90 lbs

​25” - 27”

Types Of Dog Diapers

Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers are environmentally friendly and have a wide variety to choose from. Most dog owners like them since they come in multiple patterns and colors. There are some with washable liners and disposable inner liners.

Some dog diapers have Velcro straps while others have adjustable hooks. There's even some with harnesses and suspenders that help keep your dog's diaper in place. The best part is that you can use these diapers longer than cheaper types.

Diapers Cloth Pad

Which One Should I Choose?

Here are a few tips to help you find out which dog diaper is suitable for your pet:

Find out if you need a dog diaper for short term or long term use. If it's a short term problem, then you should buy a disposable dog diaper. However, a long term use requires you to use a reusable dog diaper.

 Keep in mind that disposable dog diapers are also easier to clean up. 

Diaper Lining

Comfort is the top priority when searching for a dog diaper. If the diaper doesn't have a soft lining, it can cause your dog to have irritated or broken skin. Once you see these symptoms, you should stop using the diapers immediately.

Invest in a dog diaper that has an absorbent and soft lining. This ensures that your dog will remain comfortable and prevent the possibility of developing a diaper rash.

How Many Dog Diapers Do I Need To Buy?

Knowing the number of dog diapers needed is an essential part of your shopping process. You can't just buy one diaper a day if your dog needs at least five diapers a day. Here are some facts that will help you with your next purchase:

Find out how many times your dog urinates daily.

Cloth Pad

If you're planning on using washable dog diapers, just start with 2. This gives you a spare just in case things turn messy. After that, you can decide if you need more diapers or if two is just enough. Every dog has their specific needs, so it's best to choose accordingly.

For disposable diapers, get enough to cover your dog’s personal needs.

Also, you'll need to change or dispose of the diapers after your dog has made a mess.

The Verdict

It doesn't matter how old or large your dog is, they need a pair of diapers. The Ciao Chow Female Dog Diaper has exceptional moisture resistance, adjustable straps, and can be washed for long term usage.

Buy these diapers today to assist with your dog's personal hygiene needs. Since they come in a pack of 3, you'll have spares if your dog continues to urinate. Conclusively, get the Ciao Chow Female Dog Diaper to ensure that your dog can handle their business safely.

Do you have any questions after using this pair of dog diapers?

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