Tips For Caring For Senior Dogs

When your dog becomes older, he is likely to undergo physical and behavior changes. Some of these may be visible while others are easier to miss or misinterpret.  Caring for senior dogs means becoming

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How To Entertain An Old Dog

If your dog is spending more time lying in his bed than chasing tennis balls, don’t mistake his lack of enthusiasm for his favorite pastimes as a lack of interest in doing fun things altogether. As dogs

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Suggestions for Keeping Your Old Dog Moving

As dogs grow older, they have less energy to do the things they have always enjoyed. Some develop arthritis and other joint disease, making movements more painful. Even when your older dog prefers laying

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What to Look for in a Bed for Senior Dogs

Like so many things in your senior dog’s life, you may need to look at different features to find him the perfect bed. Even if your dog’s (and yours!) favorite sleeping place is at the foot of your

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IAMS™ Premium Protection™ Mature Adult Dog Food Review

The following review of IAMS™ Premium Protection™ Mature Adult dry dog food covers the information you will need to decide if this is the right food for your mature dog.You know that there

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IAMS™ Proactive Health™ Senior Plus Large Breed Dog Food

IAMS™ Proactive Health™ Senior Plus Large Breed Dog Food Review

The following review of IAMS™ Proactive Health™ Senior Plus Large Breed dog food covers the information you will need to decide if this is the right food for your senior plus large breed

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Foods and Supplements to Protect Your Old Dog against Cancer

Dogs are prone to many of the same conditions and diseases as humans. One of the biggest concerns is that of cancer, especially in old dogs. The reason that there are foods and supplements to protect your

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Should I Feed My Old Dog a Grain-Free Pet Food?

The topic of grains in dog food has become a more familiar one over the past few years. Pet food commercials keep pointing out the importance of feeding dogs a food that is grain-free. The growing volume

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Senior Dog Food

Senior Dog Food Nutritional Information with Reviews and Comparisons

​There has never been such a broad choice of dog foods as there is today. The shelves in the grocery stores are stacked with a variety of flavors and formulas in every brand. There are even more to choose

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Excellent Senior Dog Food

What Qualities Make an Excellent Senior Dog Food?

A lot has been learned about how dogs age and what it takes to keep them healthy at any age. A greater awareness has led to a wide range of products that are helping dogs to live longer, more active lives.

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