Guide To The Best Dog Diapers: Mitigating Incontinence

Dogs are some of the most loyal and steadfast lifelong friends you will ever have. Dogs will never get into petty squabbles or arguments with you, and they will always be there for you. This is why, as an owner, you should always endeavor to be there for them no matter the circumstances.  There are many issues with which your dog needs your support as it gets older, and some of them may require the purchase of doggy diapers.Today, we will be looking at the best dog diapers around.

Dog Diaper Amusing but useful

 While dog diapers may seem like an amusing product, they are very much a worthwhile purchase, especially for dogs with issues retaining their business. Before we get into our reviews, we will give some more information about what makes the best dog diapers so good in the first place.

When To Buy Dog Diapers

You may be wondering when is the right time to buy diapers for your dog. You will typically want to invest in dog diapers when you start to have a chronic problem with your dog doing their business in your house. This does not mean that you should buy your dog diapers just because they defecated on your floor once in an isolated incident.

The best times to buy dog diapers are when your dog is suffering from incontinence. This can either be due to old age or due to another prevailing health condition. Incontinence is a condition in which your dog is unable to retain their bowel movements. At this point, they are not defecating or urinating by choice, but because they are simply unable to hold it in.

Dog With Unrinary Inconsistency

Another reason that necessitates the purchase of dog diapers would be with a dog which has severe issues learning to be house trained. Sometimes, no matter how much effort you put into it, a dog will take a long time to learn not to do their business indoors. In these cases, dog diapers may be needed to keep your home clean.

Keep in mind that dog diapers can get pricey over a long period, so it helps to get to the underlying cause of your dog's incontinence. In some cases, such as old age, it simply cannot be helped. In other cases, it can be treated, such as younger dogs with certain health conditions.

Why You Should Choose Your Dog Diapers Carefully

When buying your doggie diapers, it is important to put forethought and effort into the research you do. Your dog may be wearing these diapers for quite some time, so it is important to find a brand which they will enjoy. You want your dog's diapers to be both comfortable and absorbent for your dog's sake and your own.

When purchasing products that come into contact with your pet's skin for such a long period of time, you will want to ensure that they are made of a material that will not give your dog a bad reaction. Most materials are engineered to reduce the chance of allergic reactions and rashes on your dog's skin.

Dog With Clean Diapers

You will also want to find dog diapers that manage to be affordable without sacrificing quality. A product which manages to fulfill these two conditions treads a very fine line. This is where a good deal of research comes into play, in order to ensure that you get the best possible product for your money.

What To Pay Attention To When Buying Dog Diapers

Different Types Of Dog Diapers:

Male Dog Diaper

These dog diapers are made for male dogs, they are typically designed to accommodate them more easily than a female dog. They will typically be bigger and designed to fit further up the dog's body than female dog diapers.

Female Dog Diaper

Female dog diapers are meant to be worn by female dogs. They are typically cut further back, as female dogs do not need diapers which are as spacious as those which are designed for male dogs.

Female Dog Diapers for

Puppy Dog Diaper

Dog diapers which are meant for puppies are the smallest kinds of dog diapers. These will be compact yet still absorbent enough to deal with any messes caused by your puppy. They will still come in a wide range of sizes thanks to puppies of different breeds being larger or smaller.

Dog Size

One important consideration to make before purchasing your dog diapers is the size of your dog. Due to the way dog diapers are made, you may need to make use of a belly band for dogs to ensure that the diapers will fit properly. A belly band will be able to ensure that the diaper does not slip on your dog's body and end up falling off.

Dog Diapers Size

Another thing that you should do before looking for the best dog diapers is to measure the size of your dog's waist and possibly take them to the vet to get weighed. This will allow you to choose a diaper that is sized perfectly for your dog. This way you will not have to make use of a belly band or other forms of adjustment.

Washable Or Disposable Dog Diapers?

The next choice you have when searching for the best dog diapers is the option between washable dog diapers and disposable diapers. Washable diapers give you the advantage regarding cost, but you will have to wash them by hand.

If you do not fancy washing your dog's diapers, you can always opt for dog diapers which are disposable. These will be more expensive in the long run, but you will save yourself the trouble of having to wash the diapers so that your dog can wear them once again.

Dog Diapers Size Guide


Waist (inches)

Weight (pounds)

Breed Example


15 - 20

4 - 15



19 - 22.5

15 - 40

Border Collie


19 - 23

40 - 90

Alaskan Malamute

Best Female Dog Diapers - Ciao Chow Female Dog Diapers


  • Diapers are washable and reusable
  • Diapers feature adjustable buttons and velcro straps
  • Features super absorbent changeable pad
  • Available in small, medium and large sizes
  • Comes in a pack of 3
  • Dog diapers (female)


These dog diapers from Ciao Chow are the best model we have seen that caters to the needs of female dogs. They feature everything you would want out of dog diapers, being adjustable, reusable and so much more.

Ciao Chow Female Dog Diapers Review

These diapers are highly adjustable thanks the inclusion of not one, but two methods of adjustment. First, you can change the size with the 3x3 adjustable button system, this allows you to ensure that the diapers are properly positioned on your dog's behind. Aside from that, you also have access to adjustable velcro strips.

Another inclusion that we very much enjoyed was the addition of replaceable absorbent pads, which keeps the diapers themselves relatively clean, especially when compared to reusable diapers which lack this feature. These are the best dog diapers which are made primarily for use by female dogs, beating the competition by a very wide margin.

Best Male Dog Diapers - Happypaw Reusable Male Dog Diapers


  • Available in sizes ranging from extra small to extra large
  • Belly band design keeps your dog comfortable
  • ​Diapers are machine washable
  • Diapers come in a 3 pack
  • Diapers feature adjustable velcro fasteners
  • Diapers feature absorbent microfiber pads


If you are looking for the best diapers for a male dog, this model from HappyPaw is one of the best choices at your disposal. They manage to combine a good variety of features which you would look for in any brand of doggie diapers to ensure that you get the most out of them.

Happy Paw Reusable Diaper Review

The inclusion of velcro fasteners allows you to adjust your dog's diapers so that they fit as comfortably as possible. This helps your dog get accustomed to wearing diapers far quicker than it would occur otherwise. If your diapers make your dog uncomfortable, then your dog will obviously dread having to wear them.

The belly band design of these diapers makes them far more accommodating of male dogs. This gives them much more freedom of movement than they would otherwise have with other diaper types. These diapers are also machine washable, so you will not have to sit around hand washing them when they get dirty.


We hope that this buying guide has managed to be comprehensive and informative. When it comes to finding the best dog diapers, it may be a little difficult since you obviously can't try them on yourself. That is why we have compiled these reviews to help you make a better purchase. As always, let us know what you think down in the comments.

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